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My Favorite Supplies for Bible Journaling

My Favorite Supplies for Bible Journaling - #biblejournaling 

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After showing the inside my journaling Bible, I've been getting lots of questions about what supplies I use to create my pages. The answer to that is a little complicated because I use a wide variety of products and mediums, but I've created a list of what I would consider my "favorite" supplies to use for Bible journaling.

1. Colored Pencils: 
The exact set I have is the Prismacolor Scholars, 48 ct., which happens to be on sale right now on Amazon for about half off! (Yay!) Crayola colored pencils would work fine, but the vibrancy of the pigment in the Prismacolors as well as the blendability make these 100% worth the extra money in my opinion! 

2. Pigma Micron Pens:
I recommend these specific pens for 2 mains reasons: they use archival ink, which means they won't fade or discolor over time, and they are also waterproof, so if you choose to watercolor over them, the ink won't smudge or smear. They also do not bleed through the thin pages of my Bible, which is a big plus! The sizes I use the most are the 005, 01, and the 05. 
3. Basic Watercolor Set:
I actually switch back and forth  between several watercolor sets depending on what picture I'm trying to paint, but the one I find the most versatile is the Reeves 24-Pack Water Color Tube Set, 10ml. These watercolors come in a tube instead of in pan, so I can just squeeze a tiny bit of exactly the colors I want out onto my palette, plus it makes mixing colors much easier. They're definitely not professional quality, but they're a thousand times better than the Crayola or Artist's Loft brand (from Michael's) that I sometimes use, and they are still extremely inexpensive. I highly recommend these if you are just beginning with watercolors. The tiniest bit goes a long way! If you don't want to purchase a palette, I've used everything from an old ceramic dinner plate to a piece of wax paper! Haha!

4.  A Good Eraser:
I generally lightly pencil my sketches/lettering before using the pen and then erase the pencil marks. Trust me, a quality eraser makes a HUGE difference. I personally find that white erasers work much better than pink or clear ones.

5. Scrapbooking Stickers:
I hear often people say "I'm not an artist, I could never do Bible journaling," but they are so wrong! The easiest way to enjoy Bible journaling without feeling the pressure to create elaborate art is to utilize stickers! I use letter stickers a lot, but you can also find great images, quotes, etc. to use in your journaling Bible. Hobby Lobby runs their entire sticker section on sale for 50% off quite often, and that's always the time I stock up. I'm sure Michael's probably does the same.

6. A Tab Punch:
If you're interested in creating your own tabs for your Bible, a tab punch is a great tool to have. I use the We R Memory Keepers brand tab punch, and it works well, but I'm on the hunt for one that makes smaller tabs. I'll keep you updated if I find one. I sometimes also just make my own tabs with washi tape or stickers or decoartive paper clips.

Well, there you have it. Those are my current must-haves for Bible journaling. I use a wide variety of other supplies as well, but these are my most-used and most-loved out of my collection. I hope that helps!

Are you a Bible journaler? What are you're fave supplies? Let me know in the comments below!

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