Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family Illness and Spiritual Warfare

Ok, what I'm about to say may seem a bit dramatic or extreme, but I'm 100% serious.

I'm starting to view our family's never-ending cycles of illness as a type of spiritual warfare than mere coincidence.
Family Illness and Spiritual Warfare #spiritualwarfare @SurrenderedMom

Yes, you heard me. I think this junk is straight from the enemy! Why? Because the effects aren't just physical. They impact almost every aspect of our lives and relationships, sometimes for the better, but oftentimes not.

For example, the frustration of constantly feeling yucky and still yet having to tend to everyone else who is also feeling yucky starts to attack our attitudes. We start getting grouchy and short with each other, often raising our voices, and hurt feelings are almost inevitable. Kids who don't feel well are whiny and cry a lot, and adults who don't feel well are often grouchy and impatient, especially when there is lots of whining and crying going on!

It's one thing to go through a round of everyone having a cold. But when you have two weeks of cold (followed by the two months of continuous cough!), then 48 hours of stomach virus, then well for one week, then two weeks of hand, foot, and mouth virus combined with two of us having double ear infections, then one week well, then we're back to another stomach virus...That's just too much for this momma to deal with! On top of that, we are literally trying every preventative measure to ward this stuff off. We are using essential oils, constantly washing hands, disinfecting when necessary, eating well, and yet we're still catching every bug within a 50 mile radius!

So what are my clues that this might be a spiritual attack?

Well, number one is that all the illnesses have seemed to fall on a time where it keeps us out of church, Bible study, ministry or fellowship in some sort of way. For example, we missed church this morning when I was supposed to sing on praise team because three out of the five of us were up in the middle of the night puking. I just don't think this is a coincidence! The enemy is trying his best to keep us away from the body of Christ, and I'm on to his schemes!

Number two is that by weakening us physically, we also seem to have a weakened resolve. I mean that by we are having to work much, much harder to treat each other in a Christ-like manner. We, in the flesh, want to be hateful and demanding and selfish and irritated with one another, but we have to work harder, keep in the Word, and pray fervently for our hearts just as much as our physical condition. This is so much easier said than done, and I admit to failing way too often.

I could be totally wrong, but I am aware that the enemy is out to "steal, kill, and destroy" (John 10:10), and I know he loves to attack families, especially ones who are trying their best to follow after Jesus! He wants to knock us off our tracks and render us ineffective. What better way than to keep us from body of Christ and attacking our attitudes and causing division within the family unit. (This isn't unheard of...just read the entire book of Job!)

I'm not going to stand for it! Sorry, "enemy," you're not welcome here! As I'm recovering from this stomach bug, I'm praying over my family one by one, for their health and for their hearts. I'm cleansing my home and trying to provide some immune support through healthy meals and essential oils. I'm digging into the Word of God to refill my spirit and give me the strength and resolve to push through, even when I'm still feeling yucky. And I'm praising the Lord for all the friends and family we have praying for us.

I know it may sound trivial. I know people out there are going through much, much worse, and I praise God that although we are going through virus after virus, we are still alive and well. No matter what we go through, He is still good.

Do you think this is crazy or do you agree with me? I'd love to hear your insight.


  1. I completely agree with you!! I'm thrilled to find someone else who thinks this way as well. We have had a winter that sounds eerily similar to yours. We've spent more time at home than at church. It's ridiculous. Everyone at church comments on how our kids seem to get everything under the sun. I don't get it and during our last bought of sickness I wrote these words exactly in my Bible study journal. I think it is spiritual warfare. The devil knows how to get us mama's down!

    Hand foot and mouth and a puke bug are going around our church right now and for precaution we stayed home last night to not catch it all. My kids only need to be in the same room and they catch it. I'm so thankful my hubby let me keep my kids home! I need a break from the continual sickness.

    Hang in there! What has seemed to help for us is keeping our kids out of their classes (we are doing this until Spring since I need a break) and also showering them every night before bed. Something about that seems to be working. I'm also diffusing my essential oils as a precaution too!

    Well I wrote you a book! But I know the feeling, and this way of thinking. You're not alone.

    Ana -
    (Ps. I can't change the comment as part to a name/url so its my husbands, lol!

    1. I hate that your family is going through it as well, but I'm happy to hear that I'm not alone in these struggles. I pray your family stays well!

  2. It's so true that Satan attacks when we are trying to do ministry. Every time a new Bible study starts he tries. I had just started team leading and my Mom died, but didn't give up. We have to stay strong and fight and continue to give God the glory.

  3. It's so true that Satan attacks when we are trying to do ministry. Every time a new Bible study starts he tries. I had just started team leading and my Mom died, but didn't give up. We have to stay strong and fight and continue to give God the glory.

  4. Crazy that so much has happened back to back! Sending good vibes to you and your family!

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