Thursday, March 31, 2016

Little Did I Know...

A couple of weeks ago I posted about our family's cycle of back to back illnesses. I wish I could say that our sickness ended and we've all been well and good since, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Things have continued, and have even gotten quite a bit worse.

After my last post, we've gone through another round of Hand, Foot, and Mouth and then for the past 7, yes SEVEN, days we've been battling the most awful stomach flu I could ever imagine. It started with just me, but then all three kids quickly got it and we've yet to find relief. As soon as I think we're all better, someone starts throwing up again. (TMI, sorry!)

All I can say is, I called the enemy out, and he came striking back even harder. We're not surrendering, though.

Although I'm a relatively "crunchy" mama when it comes to household cleaning supplies, my Thieves cleaner and my other natural homemade cleaning supplies aren't cutting it. I'm breaking out the Lysol for this junk!

I wish I had a more uplifting and encouraging update, but sadly we're all just barely holding on at this point. I'm going to spend the remainder of my evening disinfecting (again) and tackling this Mt. Everest sized pile of laundry and praying with all my might that we get through tonight with nobody puking in their bed. (Eww...again TMI, but it's my current life.)

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