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What is Bible Journaling?

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By now, if you are a Christian and have been any where on the internet in the past year, I can almost guarantee you've come across Bible journaling in some sort of capacity. Some of you may be thinking, "That's the coolest thing ever!" Others, however, may be thinking, "What in the world is this, and why would anyone want to do it?" If you identify with the latter, today is your lucky day. I've got the answers you've been looking for.

We'll start with the basics.

What is Bible journaling?
Well, that answer is quite subjective, but here's the best way I can describe it for you. Bible journaling is an act of responsive worship. I like to call it "art worship." I've also seen it referred to as "faith art." Think of it as a response to the Lord of whatever you might be reading in the scriptures. It's so much more than mindless doodles or just making the pages look pretty. Just the same way we worship with prayer or song, we can worship Him with our creativity. (Isn't that awesome?!)

What are the benefits of journaling?
I've already pointed out that journaling is an act of worship, but there are other reasons why I think you should give it a try. I personally can attest that journaling brings about a deeper connection with the Word of God. Reading the Bible becomes interactive. To respond with art, you first have to have an understanding of what the scripture is saying. I find myself not just reading the scriptures, but truly studying them and asking, "What does this mean, and how can I apply it to my life?" From these questions, I get my ideas of how to respond and what imagery I want to use to journal. Secondly, I find the process of creating the art highly meditative. When you are creating your artwork based specifically on a certain passage of scripture, you are thinking more intentionally and deeply on that message and connecting with it on a more personal level. I find that journaling also makes memorizing scripture easier because your mind is connecting the scripture with the imagery you are creating, making it easier to recall.

Do I need a specific Journaling Bible?
The answer to that is no. You could technically just use whatever notebook or loose paper you want. I do use an ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, but that's just personal preference. There are so many Journaling Bibles out on the market now, you can surely find one to fit your personal needs. They even have Bibles that already have some artwork in them that you can color in coloring book style if you don't feel comfortable with your own drawing skills. There is something for every person, in almost any translation you prefer, at any price point, regardless of your artistic abilities. The possibilities are endless!

I want to point out that not all Bible journaling is the same. Remember, it's very personal and no two people's bible journals are going to look the same. Some people may not do any artwork, but instead they might use it as a prayer journal and write out their prayers in the margins. Some people use their Journaling Bibles specifically for artwork and use different mediums that may cover the words completely and use a different Bible for their reading or studying. Others, myself included, prefer to use their Journaling Bible as their main Bible for journaling and for reading, so we only use mediums that are translucent so the words are never covered to the point of being illegible. There is no right or wrong way to journal. It's all between you and God.

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I have been Bible journaling for almost two years now, and if you can't tell, I'm highly passionate about it. Bible journaling has completely changed the way I read and study the Bible and has helped me truly fall in love with the Word of God like never before. If you'd like to take a peek inside my Bible, here's a video I did a few months back of a quick flip-through.

Stay tuned for more Bible Journaling specific posts here on the blog. Also, you can follow me on Instagram @cammorrison as I post my journaling pages regularly. I plan to do an updated flip-through video on Youtube sometime after we get done moving.

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