Thursday, January 3, 2019

One Word 2019

Hey,  y'all! I wanted to do a quick little piggy-back to my last post about my goals and intentions for 2019. If you followed me over the years, you know I usually choose a "word of the year," and this year is no different. I feel like this word fully wraps up what I need to do to accomplish each of those intentions. 

The word is focus.

I want to focus on my priorities. I want to focus on my family. I want to focus on my faith. I want to focus on my finances. I want to focus on my health. I want to focus on knocking out my courses toward my ministry degree. I want to focus on what's important to me, and quiet the noise of everything else that distracts me from accomplishing my goals. 

This word just came to me as December was winding down, and I was immediately confident that this is my word. In years past, it took a lot of thinking and deciding and mind-changing to come up with my word of the year, but this year I was immediately sure, which excites me because I feel like it will really resonate and stick with me throughout 2019. 

If you think one word to focus on throughout the year is something that will help you accomplish your goals for the year, I highly recommend you check out the "One Word That Will Change Your Life" devotional plan on the YouVersion Bible app. It's a 4 day plan that really helps you work through choosing your word.

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